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Contact Center Solutions

VCLog callLogging & Monitoring

Voice recording system for call center.

VCLog has been installed in the range of small size to large size call centers at low cost with high performance on easy-to-use operation.
VCLog is the software application of the call recording system which realizes the recording of the dialogue by telephony.

API Platform


API Platform enabling to add realtime communication functions to your application

pluscomm is a telephony API platform for software developers of the communicatiuon application. Through the use of pluscomm API, the developers can build up the communication application and SMS sending by writing the simple source code,

pluscomm has various communication tools. It is possible to make out of not only inbound, outbound and voice recording of telephony functions but also IVR (Interactive Voice Response), video chat, SMS sending. pluscomm is useful for files sharing and video conference

let's begin new communication by pluscomm

pluscomm is built up on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud in Tokyo region provided by with higest level of quality and reliability.


Communication Application

Loaded with plenty functions with affordable cost “Call-back Reservation System” to avoid an opportunity loss because of line congestions.

Overflow call app. provides with the recording, text to speech (TTS), the e-mail notification, the follow-up of SMS sending, and KPI report as well as realtime call-back resevation.

Overflow call app. is the one of "cheap", "fast", "usable" software.


SMS you can be sure to reach, suitable for important and urgent information. SMS配信ツール

SMS sending tool is a software application which can send the SMS to persons who are arbitrarily listed up.
The 99.9% reachablity of SMS shows high conversion rate compared with e-mail and send the best information to targeted customers. It is really best advertized effect.


Best for campaign attracting customersIVR+sms

A custmer calls with specific telephone number and then,receive the SMS with website URL. This means easy access to the URL in comparison with QR code and empty mail
Furthermore,the 99.9% SMS reachability and the 90% reading rate dramatically indicates the improvment of the conversion rate in comparison with e-mail marketing tools.


Mail order business

Shopping site for call center related products such as headset, IP phone-set, voice recording equipments.
there are a lot of various products listed in the website for customers who make first time purchase,additional purchase,and replacement purchase of conventinal products,etc.
We also provide with a sample kit based on free trial terms before making a purchase to comply with your office equipments such as phone-set,personal computer(PC),etc.

System Development

System Construction

System Architect with telephone feature,and software developments to provide with business solution like CRM,etc.

Website Production

E-commerce website and website design

Network Camera System

Sales & setting of IP networking camera and video recorder for business use

We make, enjoy and share COMMUNICATION ! We make, enjoy and share COMMUNICATION !

AcrossWay provide cusotmers with sufficently satisfied products & services as an innovative company.
we also deploy superior software products oroginated from companies in foreign countries while customizing & optimizing in accordance with customers requirements in Japan In the meantime, we develop useful products & services for cusotmers through information technologies in the field of shopping website on call center related products, website developments and IP networking camera.

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